by Mike Wilson

Shunned, faces glowing
with reprobation
denying me existence 
except that from which 
nose turns, eye averts
I wander east of Eden
shadowed by presence
to whom I appeal 
but hear no echo 
in my canyon

Truly, I am banished
Truly, I am saved

Mike Wilson’s work has appeared in magazines including Cagibi Literary Journal, Stoneboat, The Aurorean, and Dappled Things, and in Mike’s book, Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic, (Rabbit House Press, 2020), political poetry for a post-truth world. He received Kentucky State Poetry Society’s Chaffin/Kash Prize in 2019. Mike resides in Central Kentucky, USA, summers in ecstasy, winters in despair, and can be found at

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