Heaven Is Being Perfect

by David Dephy

“Don’t let them spread silly rumors about me,
or make me a god. O.K., Fletch?”
                   Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

You will begin to see, 
when you will begin to hear.
You will begin to smell, 
when you will begin to taste. 
You will begin to touch 
in the moment 
that you touch perfect breath,
beauty of a distance,
makes us closer to each other 
every new second, senses are the bridges,
bread and water in our hands.

Our distant breath is good news for hunger.
Time is a bridge, 
built by wishes and expectations,
as the seconds are angels, 
drowsy sliding on that bridge,
bringing the news right from the heart of time.
Waiting for news—
we are not divided, spinning chaos into order,
looking for an exit—
trying to recall a memory of ourselves 
in the great affliction of time.

Beauty of your presence, 
of your silent breath right next to me, 
beauty of your hope invariably excites my spirit to fly,
to be alive. 

David Dephy is a tri-lingual Georgian-American award-winning poet and novelist, multimedia artist. An author of Eastern Star (Poetry. Adelaide Books, New York 2020), he lives and works in NYC. Many of his poems have been published in the USA and all over the world. His poetry books in the Georgian language, Easter Verses and Poet King, have been included in Divine liturgy at the Evangelical-Baptists Church in Georgia, officially. 

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