The Journey To Our Eternal Home

by Irene Surya

Heaven is our eternal home
Where we behold the Lord, God Almighty
In all His glory and splendor,
And sing His praises along with throngs of angels. 

The path to the eternal home
May be sprinkled with picturesque waterfalls
Along smooth, well-trodden paths
Or through slippery and rocky terrains. 

When you walk through the slippery grounds,
Walk courageously by the Gospel
Through which you have been saved
By holding fast to the Word of God. 

When you trek through rocky paths, 
Hold fast to the Rock of our salvation
Who is our refuge and strength
Trusting His everlasting arms. 

When you walk through dark forests, 
Hold aloft the word of God
Which is a lamp to the feet
And a light to the path. 

When a boulder obstructs your path, 
Wait hopefully on the Lord 
Renewing your strength
And soar on wings like eagles. 

When you feel tired and weary, 
Quench your thirst
From the stream of living water
And partake of the heavenly manna, the Word of God. 

When you walk across
Pristine and serene valleys, 
Sing God’s praises with thanksgiving
Refreshed by the morning dew, the Word of God.

Dr. Irene Surya has authored a book of poems, In Solitude with God. She loves and serves the Lord with her husband. A devout mother to two daughters, she has earned her Doctorate in Engineering from a premier institution. Currently, she is teaching in an Engineering institution.

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