by Levi Sweeney

The Victor preaches news.
Sends out the cry
Of Lord on High
Such is the will of the Truth.

The Council hates the news.
The Victor tells
Of sin’s death knell
And proclaims to them the Truth.

The Council bares its teeth.
All are enraged
Their hate uncaged
The Council curses the Truth.

The Victor marked for death.
Is in the right
Lord is the Light
Still awake, he sees the Truth.

The Victor goes to sleep.
But his reward
On him is poured
The Victor wakes to the Truth.

Lived and died as a saint.
His fight is won
Kissed by the Son
The Victor reigns with the Truth.

Levi Sweeney is studying Business Administration at Western Governors University. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

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