The Holy Baby

by Alan Bedworth

The day Mary gave birth to Jesus
the stable looked forlorn, yet Joseph
her husband was by her side.
Animals were also witness to this
King being born in their stable.

A bright shining star guided
shepherds and the Wise Men
to see this Holiest of babies
ever born.

As he became older.... Jesus,
the son of God preached the
scriptures to the masses
wherever he went.

A performer of miracles, and an
understanding of the common
people was his strength.

An enemy poured disdain on Jesus.
The conquerors from Italy were
opposed to his prayers.
Preferring to worship idols,
the earth and sky were their

Finally, Jesus was captured
and crucified by his non-believers.
Not understanding that Jesus
was willing to give his life
for his belief and followers.

Though this was two thousand
years ago. Jesus, the son of God
still lives on in people's beliefs.

Alan Bedworth is 65 years old and has been writing poetry and songs for two-and-a-half years. He has some poems published by Open Door Magazine, Trouvaille Review, Ambrosia Literary Garland, The Raconteur Magazine, and the Pangolin Review. His interests are writing, watching Rugby League, nature, and being outdoors.

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