by Janet L. Pierce

I sit surrounded by crystalline beauty, drinking in the quiet and stillness. Reaching out, I cup some of the sparkling whiteness in my hand. It doesn’t feel cold. I marvel at this new concept. Sitting on a log amidst the snowy wonder, I take a deep breath of the crisp, invigorating air.

“I thought I’d find you here, my daughter, dear.” A voice and presence come up behind me.

“My Lord.” I stand and bow.

“Rest, child, let me visit with you, a while.”

I sit down and wait.

“Tell me,” the deep voice resonates beside and in me now, its vibrant tenor wrapping me with warmth and love, “What brings you here? Do you not welcome and seek the beauty, peace and love within my city?”

I lower my eyes. “Oh yes, my Lord. But this beauty,” I point all around us, “fills me with peace and rest as well.” I raise my eyes and smile, “You gave me such wonderful memories of this when I was a child.”

“I’m happy, my daughter, that you remember, and I’m glad you continue to seek me.”

“You always told us if we sought you, we would find rest and comfort for our soul.” My smile broadens.

“That is true, child. And have you found rest and comfort?”

“Indeed.” I frown at another memory, which wisps across my mind. It is followed by a sigh I scarce realize I make. “I also recall a time when I was first married, and my husband had health problems. It was so hard, being far from home and loved ones, to know what to do. At that time, I visualized myself climbing up onto your lap for comfort.”

“Ah, yes. I held you close and loved you all the more because you sought me in your distress.” The voice pauses. “And did you find comfort?”

I smile, picking up some of the snow and letting it drift through my fingers as I think. “Yes. In addition, I found strength for the other hard times that lay ahead.”

“And now, you have finished your race well, my daughter. Come, let us join the others.”

I rise and follow my Lord back toward His City, the gleaming golden walls beckoning.

Dr. Janet L. Pierce with a PhD. in English, Composition and TESOL, has written historical feature articles for the Tribune Review, as well as having been an editor, newspaper reporter and photographer for the Standard Observer Community News. Her publications also include Teaching ELs- Cultural Implications, Communications, Connections and Curriculum (2019); two chapters in TESOL’s New Ways in Teaching Speaking (2018); as well as a chapter in TESOL’s Revitalizing a Curriculum for School-Age Learners, and an article in TESL-EJ, volume 16, Number 1. Additionally, she has written curriculum and taught online ESL teacher certification courses, taught ESL K-12 for 27 years, been active in Three Rivers TESOL, the Affiliate Leadership Council of International TESOL and currently is a member of TESOL International’s Publishing Press Council.

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