Now accepting:

– 1000 – 3500 words
Creative Non-Fiction – Up to 3500 words
Flash Fiction – Below 950 words
Poetry – 1 – 5 poems

Please send your original, previously unpublished submissions either pasted in the body of your e-mail or attached as a Word document to

In your email, please mention whether your work is previously unpublished and whether it’s a simultaneous submission.

Please share a one-line descriptor of your work. Upon acceptance of your submission, the descriptor will accompany it.
For example: In her poem “I Am,” Rebecca Nestor reflects on Christ’s sacrifice. Please take a look at our homepage or Twitter page for more examples.

Include a short third-person bio along with your submission. (Mention your Twitter username if you have one, so that we can tag you on Twitter if your submission gets accepted). Additionally, you may include the links to your Facebook/Amazon page if you want them to get featured alongside your bio. If you are submitting for the second time, you don’t need to include a bio, unless you’ve updated it.

At the moment, we are also looking forward to expanding our team. To know more, please click here.

Please note: Not sharing a one-line descriptor or third-person bio will prolong the consideration process, so please make sure you include both of them in your submission.

Writers are requested to thoroughly proofread their work for grammatical and punctuation errors before submitting. Upon acceptance, our in-house Copy Editor will comb through the submissions before publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a submission fee or subscription fee?
No, we don’t. Agape Review is—and will always be—a zero-profit magazine.

What do you mean by a zero-profit magazine?
Zero profit means we’re totally self-sustaining and neither make a profit nor expect any donations.

Do I have to be a Christian to submit to your journal?
Absolutely not. We welcome everyone with open arms regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, age, denomination, nationality, linguistic background, political affiliation, etc.

What does a ‘Christian theme’ necessarily mean?
Spelling it out would fetter your thought process. Rather, we’ll leave it to your imagination. If you aren’t sure whether your work fits the bill, send it to us nevertheless and we’ll get back to you.

When it comes to fiction, what are the genres you publish?
All appropriate genres, as long as the story has a Christian theme. Along with literary fiction, we are also open to read genre fiction like Christian historical fiction, Christian romance, Christian suspense, and Christian science fiction.

When it comes to creative nonfiction, what do you publish?
By creative nonfiction, we mean personal essays written in a creative format, not articles written in a journalistic format. The former will be apt for our magazine while the latter will be apt for other Christian magazines.

Do you accept previously published work?
Sorry, we don’t accept previously published work. However, if it’s been published in a personal Facebook page or blog, we’ll consider it as long as you mention it in your mail.

Are swear words and depictions of violence allowed?
As long as it’s relevant to the story, of course. When we say we’re a Christian-themed magazine, we don’t necessarily mean we accept only Hallmark-type content.

Are novel excerpts allowed?
Yes, novel excerpts are allowed, providing they can stand alone without extraneous notation.

When will my submission be published?
We accept submissions yearlong. If deemed apt for us, submissions will be published on a rolling basis.

Do you accept works written in other languages apart from English?
Yes, we accept foreign-language submissions, as long as they have an English translation. For more details, please refer to the FAQ below.

Can I submit translated work?
Translations are welcome as long as either you’re the original author or you have obtained the necessary translation rights from the original author.

When can I expect to hear back?
We aim to respond within a week, although it may take more time if we’re busy.

Do I retain rights?
By submitting to us, you are granting us the non-exclusive right to publish your work electronically. You retain your copyright. If your work is subsequently reprinted elsewhere, please acknowledge Agape Review as the site of first publication.

Will I get paid if my submission gets accepted?
Unfortunately, we’re unable to pay contributors at the moment since we’re a completely volunteer-run zero-profit literary journal. However, we’ll extensively promote your work across social media.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
Yes, we accept simultaneous submissions. But if your work is accepted elsewhere, please be professional and withdraw your submission by dropping us an email.

If you have any further questions, please drop us an email at and we’ll be glad to respond.

Join Our Team

Currently, our doors are open for Poetry Editors, Prose Editors, Interview Editors, and Book Reviewers. Prerequisites include a good command of the literary craft, an eye for detail, and a commitment to the ideals of our magazine.

If you think you would be a perfect fit for us, please drop us an email at specifying the position you are interested in along with your credentials and we will be more than happy to consider you. Please note: Since we are a completely volunteer-run zero-profit magazine, we won’t be able to offer a remuneration.