by Patience Agada

You turned a straw
Into an awe
when it lies in waste
making it the flock’s taste.

You let my lips fall apart
in sweet surprise
as tears cascade down my cheeks
in sheer reverence of your grace.

My knees have never tasted a ground
So welcoming and true
like your presence
my words become little
vulnerable and insufficient
to fully unveil my amazement.

You’re God 
No detesting
You’re able
No contesting
You’re merciful
I’m confessing
You’re love
I’m professing
You’re faithful
I’m manifesting

The poet you created has come to worship you.

Patience Agada is an art enthusiast, lover of God, spoken word poet, writer and an on-air-personality. She’s a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Jos, multiple award winner and a volunteer. Patience Agada loves to write about nature, God, and societal issues. She believes poetry is a weapon for mass education.

5 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Words so appealing
    Truth so revealing
    Poet so amazing!

    I know God must be smiling reading this poem. Keep it up dear lover of God. Keep burning for Him (God) and humanity.


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