Self Control

by Mary Grace van der Kroef 

To have control
or persevere?
Sometimes the difference isn’t clear.

as braided strands,
taking turns on who commands.

Stand in check,
Is this the way?
Will this, a bit of self betray?

Know the road,
make a goal,
continue on in self-control.

Or hold a line,
say not today,
anger will not have its prey.

Wisdom wields
both as a team,
for neither is the one supreme.

Mary Grace van der Kroef is a writer, poet, and artist from Ontario, Canada. She believes the gift of poetry is a powerful form of prayer and worship. She endeavors to use her words to encourage others. Her work has appeared in various journals and anthologies, such as The Best of Kindness 2020 Anthology by Origami Poems Project. Please follow her work at

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