The Hope

by J-T Kelly

When Christ is all in all,
Everything turns to bread.
Christ falls. He falls. He falls.
In the dead, Christ lies dead.
In the living, Christ lives.
Christ gives. He gives. He gives.
We starve. Alive or dead,
We won’t carve our own bread.
Our own flesh, our own blood
Goes bad like manna hid:
Tomorrow’s hoard and hedge,
Tonight’s untrusting clutch.
The dead can eat so much.

But Christ in neighbors asks,
“I’m hungry, give me bread.”
And Christ’s heart in us cracks.
We see our neighbors fed
On what falls out from us:
Broken clay, broken bread,
Blood, tears, repentance, dust...
They feed on our bleeding —
We feed on their feeding.
We all live who were dead.
We fall, we give, we fall.
When Christ is all in all,
Everything turns to bread.

J-T Kelly is an innkeeper in Indianapolis, Indiana. He lives in a brick house with his wife, five small children, his two parents, and a dog.

3 thoughts on “The Hope

  1. How interesting that your bio calls you and innkeeper…it conjures up an image of the innkeeper in Bethlehem who said,” There is no room for you but there is a manger out back” There must be a better word and I shall call you the “Hope” or The In Keeper”…It is the place not a barn but a real home where all who enter are “in” even if it is just for a moment or for a feast from Hannah’s hands or via Facebook..We enter sometimes at our own risk but it is the leading of His Spirit that calls our feet, eyes, ears and smiles to trust the Hope that is ever-present…It’s Chopsticks on the piano, a children’s museum in the Badlands, an apple tree in the backyard, an obstacle course in the house, and a little balleria who sings with her Mom and waves to me. It is also a song about friendship and a little boy who drove a car at an early age…The when you add them and two loving grandparents and close neighbors it is the HOPE that Christ brings to a life well-lived in Him and for Him till He takes us all be with Him and the Father and the Spirit who unites us all..Thank you for your gifts to us and giving new meaning to the word “Friend” and the song “What a Friend We Have In Jesus”..AMEN


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